Why Boaters are Choosing PVC Over Canvas

Why Boaters are Choosing PVC Over Canvas

Boating enthusiasts, seasoned sailors, and marine industry professionals alike are no strangers to the constant battle against the elements. From unpredictable rain showers to relentless saltwater sprays, the marine environment demands products to withstand these conditions. Enter PVC, a game-changer in the marine world. While traditional canvas has its merits, PVC is emerging as a robust alternative, especially for those keen on increased durability and resistance to water.

Understanding the Benefits of PVC Over Canvas:

  1. Water Resistance: One of PVC's most celebrated features is its remarkable resistance to water. Unlike canvas, which can absorb water over time, PVC provides an almost impermeable barrier. This characteristic is critical in marine environments, where conditions can change rapidly.

  2. Durability: PVC is renowned for its durability. Its strong and resilient nature makes it less susceptible to wear and tear, even in the harshest conditions. In contrast, canvas can deteriorate faster, especially when exposed continuously to moisture, salt, and sun.

  3. Maintenance: PVC is a low-maintenance material. It's easy to clean and doesn't require regular treatments to maintain its water-resistant properties, unlike canvas, which might need periodic re-waterproofing.

  4. Versatility: With advancements in design and technology, PVC products are no longer limited to plain, unattractive designs. They can be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.

A Glimpse into Aussie Outback Supplies’ PVC Marine Range:

If you're already leaning towards PVC, it's time to acquaint yourself with some of the best in the business. Aussie Outback Supplies has been leading the charge with its impressive range of PVC products designed for the marine environment.

  • AOS PVC Marine Dashboard Organiser: Imagine having a dashboard organiser that sticks seamlessly to any surface in your boat. Made from heavy-duty waterproof PVC, this organiser is not only functional with its numerous pockets but also boasts exceptional resilience.

  • AOS PVC Marine Gear Kit Bag: This bag is a testament to the toughness of PVC. Originally designed to brave rain showers at the back of a ute, its heavy-duty design ensures it stands up to marine challenges with equal prowess.

  • AOS Deluxe PVC Marine Gear Bag: This gear bag truly encapsulates the essence of modern design and functionality. With its waterproof ripstop material and corrosion-resistant zippers, it's a perfect blend of aesthetics and durability.

  • AOS Marine PVC Knife, Tool & Utensil Wrap Roll: Taking care of your knives and tools is a breeze with this wrap roll. Made from robust PVC, it offers maximum protection, ensuring your tools remain in top condition even in a damp marine environment.

  • AOS Marron & Crab Drop Net Backpack Bag: An inventive solution for those who indulge in drop netting, this backpack doubles up as a storage space for your catch, making it a quintessential marine accessory.


In Conclusion:

While canvas has its place in the marine world, the rise of PVC is hard to ignore. Its unmatched durability, water resistance, and low maintenance make it a compelling choice for sailors and boat owners. And with Aussie Outback Supplies paving the way with their innovative and resilient products, it's evident that PVC is not just a trend, but the future of marine accessories.