Nextorch 21700 Rechargeable Lithium Battery 5000 MaH, USBC Charge

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Simply ingenious: This battery comes with its own USB-C charging socket. This makes an extra charger superfluous!
Simply connect it to a USB port (e.g. in the car or mobile phone charger) with the USB cable supplied - that's all.
An LED built into the battery even informs you about the current charging status.
Of course, the NEXTORCH® 21700 USB Li-Ion battery with 5000 mAh is triple protected, i.e. it has "IC Protection", a PCB with short-circuit, overcharge and deep discharge protection.
The NEXTORCH® 21700 USB Li-Ion battery with 5000 mAh is suitable for all devices and especially torches that use a 21700 battery.

Nextorch replacement Rechargeable Lithium Li-ion battery, Usb type C Direct charge.
21700, 5000mAh, 3.6v, 18wh
overcharge protection included
cycle life > 500
Size: 76.3x31.5
weight: 80g
operating temp: 20-60 Deg C