AOS Swag Carry Bag 4 Sizes Available, Swag Bag, Swag Storage Bag, Swag Transit Bag

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This is the same style of Swag Bag that ships with our AOS Swag models.

Manufactured from polyester canvas coupled with strong, load bearing handles, the design allows easy access using a full length zip that also runs down the sides.


  • Waterproof Polyester Canvas Material
  • Robust Expedition-style Zips and Webbing
  • D-Ring Bottle Opener included
  • Oversize design to fit rolled Swag with all bedding
  • Zip Over-flap helps stops rain, dirt and insects from entering during transit
  • Identification Pocket
  • Designed for Australian conditions
  • Standard sizes fit most brands of Swags


SGL – (Length) 73cm x (Diameter) 49cm

KS – (Length)  90cm x (Diameter) 49cm

DBL – (Length)  119cm x (Diameter) 49cm

Q – (Length)  152cm x (Diameter) 49cm

Although this bag is made from waterproof canvas material it is not seam sealed and the zippers are not waterproof, therfore we do not class it as a 100% waterproof bag.

All zippers have weatherflaps to reduce the likleyhood of water ingress and for best results please ensure the flaps are covering the zippers and they are faced away from prevailing wind and weather.

This AOS product has been designed and assembled with the help of Computer-aided Modelling (CAD) and the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure exacting standards.

Products proudly wearing the AOS Badge are passionately made to detail with pride, quality and reliability in mind.