AOS Jumbo Spanner Roll, Tool Wrap – Large 7 Pocket

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AOS Australian made spanner tool rolls wraps are designed and manufactured to protect your general tools or spanners and keep them all in one easy to access place, they also double as a handy shadow board to be able to see if all of your tools are back and have been returned to you after the job has been completed or the end of the shift has arrived. Our AOS spanner cases have been constructed from Heavy duty Rip stop PVC that is tough as nails, these are the perfect solution to replace your old spanner wrap that has fallen apart and they will last for years to come. they have a 50mm touch tape closure and pleated pockets to suit your tools and spanner with ease.

We have multiple colours and sizes to choose from allowing you to easily identify which spanner roll has your imperial set and metric set by simply looking at the colour of the wrap. Our Tool rolls can be hung by the Brass eyelets on either top corner with ease if they are used in a fixed location and the material can be marked with permanent marker or paint marker if required.

AOS Jumbo Spanner rolls have been designed to suit your Jumbo spanner set Met or IMP up to and including 50mm depending on the thickness of your spanners. These spanner rolls will also fit din spanners and other specialised longer spanners and tools.


  • Made from our Heavy Duty 680gsm Rip Stop PVC material.
  • Brass eyelet to allow for easy hang option
  • 50mm Velcro for fast closure once rolled
  • 7 pockets


66cm x 55cm with 7 pockets

Tough spanner rolls manufactured by AOS to suit Jumbo spanners with double touch tape closure. These spanner rolls fit up to and including 50mm OR 1 1/2 spanners depending on thickness of spanner.

Made tough for Australian Conditions.

This Product is Designed & Manufactured in Perth Western Australia!