AOS Double Wall Vacuum Insulated S/S Stubby & Can Cooler Thermal Mug

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AOS Double Wall Vacuum sealed Insulated Stainless Steel Stubby & Can Cooler Thermal Mug

Our Thermal Can Cooler has been designed to keep your can or bottle cooler for longer in the Aussie outback conditions with a heavy duty stainless steel double wall design to deter rust or corrosion whilst still creating maximum insulation, this cooler comes equipped with a 5mm neoprene disks to fit smaller cans and bottles inside firmly with our rubber seal on the lid.

What is a Stubby Cooler?

The term “stubby” originated in Australia almost 40 years ago in 1983 for beer bottle designs that are shorter and fatter. However, there is a mass debate about who invented the stubby holder and when. There are many terms for a stubby holder such as, can cooler, Koozie, can holder, can cover.

Although there is confusion about who invented the first stubby holder, we do know one thing for sure, our AOS Stubby / Can cooler will definitely keep your beverage cooler for longer in the harsh Australian environment.


  • Stainless steel Dual Wall Design.
  • Vacuum Sealed Insulation.
  • Rubber flange seal on lid to secure your ice cold beverage.
  • Heavy Duty Stainless steel base.
  • 1 X 5mm Neoprene disc inside base for use with smaller vessels.
  • Easy screw coarse thread for quick change out of beverages.
  • Stainless construction Deters Rust or corrosion.
  • Keeps drinks cold for hours.

What Drinks Does it Fit?

Our AOS can coolers are designed to suit a wide range of drink vessels inside when on the go:

Bottles / Stubbies

355ml Can to 375ml Glass Stubby


355ml Can to 375ml Can

Mug - with no lid

This stainless mug is also suitable for your morning coffee or spirits on the rocks.


Inside Dimensions

Diameter - 65mm

Depth - 120mm

Outside Dimensions

Height - 135mm

Diameter - 79mm

Fluid Capacity

400ml with no lid.