AOS AUS Made Fire Wood Bag with Lge Front Zip Pocket

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Our AOS Camping & 4WD range has been incomplete without a bag to use for your fire wood collection and storage, but not anymore! We have designed a bag that can fit all types of wood; hard wood that will burn for hours, thin wood to get the fire running and kindling to kick start it. The bag is compact enough to fit in any draw or other general bag so you can pull it out with ease and start loading your wood in immediately. It also features a large heavy duty pocket to keep all your fire starting necessities secure and in one place, such as a flint and steel, fire starter and even a small axe.

The AOS Fire Wood Bag incorporates high quality materials like 50mm webbing straps securing the 16oz Aussie made heavy-duty canvas, doubling as sturdy handles that you can be confident will not tear off half way into the job. All the materials used in this bag are UV stabilized so you can keep peace of mind knowing that the bag will not perish when in the harshest Australian conditions.

This Product is Designed & Manufactured in Perth Western Australia!


  • Designed and MADE IN AUSTRALIA.
  • Made from 16oz Heavy Duty Rip Stop Black & Grey Waterproof Poly / Cotton
  • Featuring a 16oz Black Rip Stop Canvas large storage pocket.
  • Heavy Duty #10 zippered closure.
  • 2 x 50mm AOS Webbing Straps around the bag doubling as handles.


  • Length: 100cm
  • Width: 50cm


  • Length: 50cm
  • Width: 24cm