Nextorch Compact Rechargeable Multi-Function Light, On-Off Motion Sensor

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Finally, the LED lamp that can do it all: the NEXTORCH UT30 in a practical set. Here are just a few of the countless possible uses:

- LED headlamp
- Clip light
- Bicycle light (not approved in Germany)*
- Helmet light

Thanks to the high-quality accessories included, the NEXTORCH UT30 Set is guaranteed to be ready for whatever comes its way.
The powerful battery is quickly charged via an integrated USB-C port and lasts up to 21 hours on one charge.
Thanks to the USB-C connection, the robust UT30 can be charged anywhere there is a USB port - easily on a mobile phone charger or in the car, for example.
Small, coloured LEDs in the housing of the UT30 reliably inform you about the charging status of the battery every time you switch on or change modes.

The UT30 is child's play to operate and, in addition to the normal white light, also offers a red light and can even be used as a signal light with a flashing light.

The gesture control of the NEXTORCH UT30 is particularly ingenious. The white light can be switched on and off simply by waving in front of the lamp.
Practical when your hands are in thick gloves, for example! Despite its handy size and feather-light weight, this little light wonder delivers amazing performance:
A maximum of 320 ANSI lumens and a real 55-metre light range are independently measured and confirmed for the NEXTORCH UT30 Set.

The colour temperature is close to natural, which is easy on the eyes and ensures greater safety. Thanks to the optimal light colour, important details are not overlooked and the surroundings are illuminated with high contrast.

U-Series Compact Rechargeable Multi-Function Light, On-Off Motion Sensor, White/Red LED, 4 Modes
Includes Cap Clip, Headlight Strap, Bike Mount, Helmet Mount
LED: White/ Red Light LED
Runtime: HIGH 3h 45 min / LOW 21h
MAX Lumen: 320lm
MAX Distance: 55m

Battery: Built-in 640 mAh Li-ion Battery
Size: 61 (L) x 47 (W) x 19mm (H) / Weight: 41g
Impact Resistance: 1 m / Water Resistance: IPX4