Nextorch Compact Rechargeable Flood Light, White/Red LED

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This LED lamp can be used as a full headlamp, helmet light, nightstand lamp, universal lamp, torch, clip light and sooooo much more. It's all there - no matter what you're up to, the UT10 is ready for anything!

The lamp itself is a new development from NEXTORCH and it is equipped with a so-called COB LED. This new COB LED consumes much less power with even more luminosity and the light is wonderfully evenly distributed. The colour of the light of the UT10 is very natural, almost like daylight. Due to this natural light colour, colours, details and contrasts are much easier to see, the eyes do not tire as quickly and at work this light even increases safety.

The included accessories really leave nothing to be desired and the UT10 can even be used as an official tool: With the helmet holder called "Tac Kit", the UT10 can be quickly and safely mounted on all helmets of the German armed forces or police. The UT10's "Tac Kit" is also ideally suited for use on tac waistcoats and Velcro surfaces.

In addition to the normal light, the NEXTORCH UT10 can be switched to red light. The red light can be used, for example, as a tail light (on a backpack or helmet)* or as a warning light.
Outdoors, the red light helps to maintain the night vision of the eyes, which is indispensable for hunting and fishing!

Of course, the robust NEXTORCH UT10 is absolutely waterproof and is extremely durable.

U-Series Compact Rechargeable Flood Light, Multi-Function, White/Red LED, 3 Modes
Includes Cap Clip, Headlight Strap, Bike Mount, Helmet Mount
Runtime: HIGH 2h / LOW 18h
MAX Lumen: 170lm
MAX Distance: 19m

Battery: Built-in 640 mAh Li-ion Battery
Size: 60 (L) x 46 (W) x 17mm (H) / Weight: 37.8g
Impact Resistance: 1 m / Water Resistance: IPX4