Nextorch iStar Rechargeable Intelligent Headlight, Spot & Flood, Flip-Up Dimming, Wh/Rd LED

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Geniuses were at work here and built a headlamp that begs the question: Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? A simple yet ingenious solution turns the iStar into a headlamp for close-range use with wonderfully diffuse or wide-area light - or a headlamp with an incredibly powerful 75-metre main beam. The diffuser responsible for this transformation can be opened and closed in the blink of an eye. With the iStar, you have probably the most versatile headlamp in the world and are perfectly prepared for anything.

The light of the iStar itself is incredibly close to the spectrum of natural sunlight thanks to a latest generation LED and has a colour rendering of 95Ra - a real top value. Thanks to this new high-tech LED, the eyes tire less quickly than with conventional headlamps and safety is increased thanks to the better colour rendering and much clearer contrasts. By the way, the LED used in the iStar is particularly economical and is pleasantly easy on the battery.
To preserve the night vision of the eyes, this clever headlamp can easily be switched to red light. The red light has a signal light function, so the iStar can even be used as a warning light.

The iStar's extra-strong battery is easily charged via a USB-C connection - so it is completely independent of special chargers wherever there is a USB port: on the mobile phone charger, in the car, on the notebook or the power bank. The USB-C technology enables pleasingly fast charging times to get the iStar ready for use again. Once fully charged, the NEXTORCH iStar has enough energy for up to 24 hours of light at a stretch. An LED reliably informs you about the current status of the battery every time you switch on or change modes.

H-Series iStar Rechargeable Intelligent Headlight, Spot & Flood, Flip-Up Stepless Dimming 20-400lm, White/Red LED, 5 Modes
LED: White LED/Red LED
Runtime: HIGH 2h 30 min / LOW 25h
MAX Lumen: 450lm
MAX Distance: 80m

Battery: Built-in 1100 mAh Li - ion battery
Dimensions: 67 (L) _ 39 (W) _ 32mm (H) / Weight: 70g
Impact resistance: 1m / Water Resistance: IPX4